I Am B, So Call Me B

Zephyr is my imaginary name. My pen name. The name I would love to add to my identity. The name I’ve been using for years.

Zephyr means “a soft gentle breeze or wind from the west” in literary speaking. I came across this term while reading a book when I was in my teenage years. In that book, there was a girl named Zephyr. She was cool, a punk and free spirited. From then, I decided that I will also be known as Zephyr.

I’m glad that I am having quite good reputation being known as Zephyr on different side of my world. Also, some of the people I am having conversation with everyday are asking me whether it is or not a part of my given name. This made them curious. Especially when I say no. Questions will come one by one. Why Zephyr? What does it mean? Isn’t it a weird name? How come that you like that name? Blah. Blah. Blah. And their curiosity is feeding me. God, I I really love this name!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my given name. It was a name for a Saint. Who would not love that, right? But for me, its just too much for me. Too lady-like. Too divine. Too holy for someone like me. Eitherway, I never decline to use it anyway.

Because of my name, I got my nickname: “B”. I love being called by this. So simple yet it sums up all of me. B. I am B. I will always be B.

The first time I was called as B was at work. My consultant asked me if she can cut my name to B because it was too long to spell. I said yes. After that, I end my emails with: “Regards, B”. As simple as that. I liked the idea so I implemented that even on my new job.

I may be obsessed being Zephyr, but please call me B. I would gladly appreciate that. 😉




Zephyriousity Signature

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