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Beer and Drinks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is my first ever out of the country trip. I was a bit excited and not, thinking what I’ll experience on my 7 days there. Well, one thing is for sure – Hong Kong is made up of bars and pubs to get your drinking spirit up!

We attended RISE Conference for 3 days. This conference includes pub crawl which lets us meet with other attendees, also to let us try the best bars in Central, Hong Kong.

First night, I tried one cocktail at Staunton’s Wine Bar & Cafe for 80HKD – yes, that’s kinda pricey specially if you convert it to Philippine Peso. I’ve been told not to convert our dollars back to peso, but I can’t help it. The cocktail, Tequila Sunrise though is strong and i’m pretty sure that amount of tequila added was above average. It was delicious.

tequila sunrise staunton

Second Day, we wandered near the convention center where the event is being held. Of course, I tried looking for new drinks to try at 7-11. And I was really stunned and amazed when I found an 888ML of Coca-Cola. It look so cute being small and chubby. And I drank it for almost 3 days. I was sad I didn’t get one to bring back home.

coca cola in hong kong

At night, we were invited by our big boss to swim and stay a bit for drinks and foods at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Yet another amazing chance to travel like a rich one. Lol. Since I wouldn’t want myself to get wasted, I ordered Long Island Iced Tea. And man! It was one of the best cocktails I ever had! Pretty much the price of one glass is above 100HKD, and I got two. :)

long island iced tea crowne plaza

Then we went to Central to celebrate the night for our hard work in the event, and also for my birthday. The bosses decided to eat at Chôm Chôm which is a Vietnamese restaurant. Oh, and I would recommend for this place to try on your next trip to Hong Kong. It is a bit pricey, but every food is worth the cents! Ordered Lemon Tonic water and didn’t find it amusing. Haha. The restaurant though has provided us free drinks. We didn’t know what it was but it was really delicious. And I am sure, some vodka was added.

chom chom cocktail

chom com on the house cocktail drinks

We headed back to our hotel which is Novotel Centrury, decided that the night is still young, we grabbed the complementary drinks from our hotel. I got the Lychee Fizz that costs 88HKD for free.

lychee fizz novotel

On our third night we bought drinks at 7-11, sit outside the store in front of our hotel and drink  on the streets. Yes, it is allowed for people to drink their beers in the street. And this is one of the coolest nights I had in Hong Kong. I got a bottle of Mojito with a straw.

le coq mojito bottle drink

drinking on hong kong streets

Fourth Day! Final day of the conference, and the arrival day of our other friends. We left the hotel, and stayed at an AirBnB located in Lockhart Road, Wanchai. We spent our night and drink at Players Bar which we’ve met a very nice Filipina waitress, ate Vina. She is very nice, of course we are Filipino as well. And this cool Nepalese bartender who made us amazing mixed drinks as well. We were able to grab the happy hour and got ourselves a bucket of beers of our own choice. We had Somersby, Hoogaarden, Tsing Tso, Smirnoff and Budweisier. They serves Filipino dishes which we enjoyed since we’ve been craving for foods like that in days. Haha. Then we were served with Sex on The Beach and Tequila Sunrise. What a night! We were able to play darts for free as well.

players bar bucket beers

sex on the beach cocktail

somersby apple cider

Fifth night and we thought we will just sleep our tired body away. But another friend in Hong Kong decided to meet us and we went to Trafalgar which is in Lockhart Road as well. There is a pool table which you can rent for 10HKD per game. Since I enjoyed the Apple Cider beer so much, I asked for Somersby, sadly the bar didn’t have it so I ordered the Brothers Apple Cider instead. Thanks to my friend Kata, I was introduced again to one of the best beers on my life.

brother apple cider

brother apple cider trafalgar

On our last and final night. We finally tried Hong Kong’s street milk tea. Along the busy streets of Kowloon, we found the Wang Jin Tea House and tried their bubble egg paired with a cold milk tea. It is safe, clean and yummy.

wang jin tea house

wang jin milk tea

Back to our AirBnB, we bought drinks from 7-11 and drink them at home. We were too tired to crash a bar, and tomorrow will be our flight back home. Bought another Apple Cider beer – the Strongbow. I want to take it home!

strongbow apple cider

To summarise it all, we’ve been drinking every night of our stay in Kong Hong. The only regret I had was I didn’t buy some of those apple cider beers back home. Now, I am craving for them. Sadly, we have no such beers here, yet.

Hong Kong is a really nice Country to add in your travel list. The beers are a bit pricey but that’s how it costs here. The foods are clean and worth a try. But if you want to drink water, but one at the convenience store. It is safer if your tummy is choosy.



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