How NOT to Handle an Airline Damaged Baggage Report

Last January 20, 2019, I flew from Beijing to Manila via Cebu Pacific Airline – 5J673. I didn’t mind the traffic we had at the air, nor the minutes we spent waiting until the plane is good to dismissed the passengers. I didn’t even mind the long line at the immigration for foreign passport holders (i had a foreign friend with me at that time).

But what i did mind, was what happened to my baggage. To my dismay, the baggage, which i have been using for the past two years has been broken. I was surprised. It has the “fragile” sticker on it. But it didn’t matter that time, it was just a sticker.



I was really tired that time, my flight was midnight to morning – 4 hour flight. So, instead of pushing my concern while I was at the airport, I decided to head home instead. Went home with a damaged baggage with a failure to to report at the airport. Which was WRONG.

airline damaged baggage report

On my mind, I thought that sending a complaint via Messenger could solve the issue. Not that I know how I would want them to solve my broken luggage. I have no idea on what would happen with my situation, I just wanted to report it so the airline would be aware of it.

See our conversation below:

airline damaged baggage conversation cebu pacific airline damaged baggage conversation cebu pacific messenger

airline damaged baggage conversation cebu pacific 1 airline damaged baggage conversation cebu pacific 2

airline damaged baggage conversation cebu pacific 3 airline damaged baggage conversation cebu pacific 4

airline damaged baggage conversation cebu pacific 5

Here’s to quote their response:

“We wish to inform you that we do our best to handle the baggage of our guests with the most possible care. However, please do understand that the airline has no control on the shifting of weight of baggage inside cargo hold upon take off and landing of the aircraft. This may be the reason why your checked-in item was damaged when you arrived in the airport. Moreover, you were not able to report the matter upon arrival at the airport. Please note that a passenger that wishes to file a claim or action for Damage to Checked Baggage must notify the Airline as soon as the Damage is discovered and while the Passenger is still in the airport premises. Failure to report the incident will constitute a waiver of any claim. Every notification must be in writing and delivered to us within the prescribed period. Once again we sincerely apologize for what happened. Hope this clarifies. Is there anything else we can help you with? If so, should you reply to this message, please indicate all your concerns in a single message for faster resolution of the transaction. Thank you and God bless.”

I was distraught so i posted it on Facebook; and my friends showed me sympathy and told me their thoughts. What I wasn’t really expecting was the comment from a friend, telling me that some of the workers that handling the check-in baggage are testing the quality of the bags by throwing them, etc. See the images of comments below.

facebook comments damaged baggage airport zephyriousity



Quoted from my friend (translated in English):

“I had a conversation with a GRAB driver who used to handle luggage transfers at NAIA Airport. According to him, if it is a hard case luggage, they will intentionally throw it to test the durability. He even mentioned the most durable luggage (but i forgot the brand). If there’s a fragile sticker, they also intentionally throw the bags to shatter what’s inside. Such evil doings. So I asked him how about the lost baggages, he just said “no comment”?”


If this happens to your baggage, which i really wish you won’t experience, here’s what you can do:

  • File a complaint at the airport – since sending an email or via Messenger won’t do anything good
    • as Per Cebu Pacific Air website: “If baggage is damaged, immediately file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) while still at the airport premises of the arrival station.”
  • Read the waiver, if there is for the fragile sticker.
  • Know your rights.
  • Hope that you purchased CEB TravelSure for any compesation that will be needed.

I am a frequent traveller of Cebu Pacific Air. I am always been happy with their services, and for the past flights that I had with them, I haven’t experienced any delayed flights. And I never think that one day, I will experience looking at a broken luggage of my own – despite of many concerns telling me not to check in my bags. Hoping that this won’t happen again to me, or to anybody that flies with them. Our baggage and what’s inside of it is important and we decided to put their safety on the airline’s hands. Please avoid disappointing us because we love the services from #CEBTRavels.


Til my next adventure!



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