UPDATE: How to Get your VAXCERTPH Online with Booster Shot – Vaccine Certificate from DOH

How to get your covid-19 vaxcertph online

In early 2020, along came Covid-19. A deadly pandemic that cost and still costing millions of lives across the world.

Then 2021 came. Covid-19 or Coronavirus still exists, and so are the vaccines that our experts have finally discovered.

Many Filipinos have been advised to consider getting themselves vaccinated despite of the available vaccines in the local communities. Since many Filipinos have considered this have been fully vaccinated (even Booted up), the Department of Health (DOH) and the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) launched a website wherein any Filipino can get their online vaccine certificate. This website or digital certificate is called VaxCertPH.

It is advisable to get an online vaccine certificate for OFWs and both local and international travelers. However, only fully vaccinated individuals can get the vaccine certificate from the website by signing up 48 hours after their second dose. The certificate’s validity can only be used after 14 days of registration.

How to get your online vaccine certificate a.k.a. Vaxcertph?

Please follow the steps shown below:

1. Log in to https://vaxcert.doh.gov.ph/. Once logged in, you should see:

2. Complete 4 Levels of Questions.

There would be 4 steps that needs to be completed with your details – personal and vaccine data. See image below for step by step guide:

Review the Data Privacy, then tick the box – ONLY if you Agreed.
Choose YES if you have been vaccinated for more than 48 Hours.
Enter ALL of the personal information needed. An ID may be asked.
Enter your Vaccination Details. NOTE: YOU CAN”T AND SHOULDN’T FAKE THIS. DOH has your Vaccination data on their system.
Once completed, review and make sure that all of your information are correct.
TYPE this manually. You can’t copy and paste this.
See. You can’t fake the Vaccine Data. Should you be using this for international travel purposes, prepare your passport.

3. Download your VaxCertPH QR Code

After completing all of this, you will be redirected to page where you can download your own digital vaccination certificate.

Covid-19 Vaxcertph sample:

UPDATE: Booster Shot/s is now added on your Vaccination Certificate. Option has been provided:

NOTE: This vaccine certificate – VaxcertPH is different from the International Certification of Vaccination (ICV) provided by the Bureau of Quarantine or also known as the YELLOW BOOK/CARD. Watch out on my next post on how to apply for this.


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