Sample Cover Letter for Japan Visa Applicants [PSA Late registration]

Sample Cover Letter for Japan Visa Applicants [PSA Late Registration]

Did you know that when you have a PSA/Birth Certificate with late registration, it’ll require you additional requirements if you wish to apply for Japan Visa such as Form137 and a Baptismal Certificate?

If you can’t provide either of these two requirements, write a cover letter that’s addressed to the Embassy.

Where to get these requirements?

Form 137

High School provides Form137, it may depend on where you study to the documents that they may require. However, to obtain a copy of your Form137, make sure you have the original copy of your Diploma to show to your school’s registrar as they might ask for it.

Once your High School registrar provides you with a copy of your Form 137, you have to go to DepEd, which the school may assign to have the documents authenticated (costs P50.00) as it is required for travel purposes.

Baptismal Certificate

Now, I am quite not sure how it is with other Religions, but as a Catholic, I went to the Church where I was baptized and requested a copy of my Baptismal Certificate. Costs P150.00 (but might depend on the Church) and was available within 3 hours.

Sample Cover Letter to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

If for some reason you are still unable to provide your Form137 and Baptismal Certificate, you may write a short letter of explanation or a cover letter providing your explanation and address to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.

Please see this sample:

[1 - Date, Address, & Salutation]
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Dear Sir / Madam,

[2. Introduction]
It has come to my attention that my NSO Birth Certification was on late registration, and providing additional supporting documents such as Baptismal Certificate and Form 137 is required. 

[3. Explanation]
However, upon checking my personal files, Form 137 is no longer on my possession as I have this provided on my college application. I have this requested to my school but the school officials are currently on vacation, and the soonest they could provide me with the copy is by the second week of January, which I think would be a last minute for my Visa Application. 

[4. Supporting Documents]
Attached herewith is the copy of my Baptismal certificate along with all of the Visa requirements for my application. I have also attached a photocopy of my UMID and Voters IDs as a reference to the date of my birth that you might find useful as you judge the value of my application.

[5. Closing Remarks and Name]
Hoping for your kind consideration and understanding regarding this matter. 

Sincerely yours,

Tourist Visa Applicant

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An honest letter explaining your current situation to the Embassy is helpful. Avoid over-explaining, just tell them why you can’t provide the requirements and if possible, add why you want to visit Japan. And if there are additional identification IDs that you can give, don’t hesitate to share them as well. If you got denied, you can always apply until you get approved.

Japan is open again for solo tourists, this post might be your sign 🙂

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