Fund Ven’s Breast Cancer Treatment

Hello everyone! This is for our friend who has discovered that she has a breast cancer.

We all know how Cancer can really be dangerous. Sad to say, I know someone who has been diagnosed with this illness. Her name is Venus, we call her Mommy V. She is a tough one, this battle, a battle against Cancer, she is fighting this with all her might.

Please help us raise the money that she needs for her medications and treatments.

See full details here of her Breast Cancer Treatment:

Fund Ven’s Breast Cancer Treatment

Until now i still cant accept the fact that i would turn out this way. Not even in my wildest dream. I used to pray to God that i dont want to live long in this world, all i want is to see my daughter graduate, have a good job and have her own family. But when this happened all of my dreams and inspiration just collapsed. Right now i dont have work or even if i have, my body would not allow me to do so. I dont know what will happen next to us, how am I going to provide for our needs like food, medications, etc. There are a lot medications that i needed not mention the chemotherapy itself. This is the reason why i am knocking on your doors right now for any assistance that you can extend so that i would be able to continue my treatment.

Update on Ven’s Breast Cancer Fund:

We are still hoping for your help. Ven is fighting too hard towards her sickness. You can follow her journey at Facebook.

Thank you in advance for your donation and helping spread the word! Please keep Venus in your thoughts and prayers.

Your’s truly,
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