That Late Night Post

This is one of those late night thoughts. I am warning you.

You may think that this is nothing but a waste of time. Well, you are right. So stop reading. Stop browsing.

9.38 pm thoughts? I like my location here, a table near the windows, i can see every vehicles that come and go. I can see people crossing the streets. It calms my mind.

Last night, I dreamt about G. I don’t know why.

Is it true? That when someone appears in your dream, that someone misses you. If this is true, he may be having nightmares about me, every night.

I saw him on my dreams. It was clear. It was him. But why? Out of the blue? I have moved on. All these years, I have moved on. I needed to move on. For myself.

Nevertheless, I am still wondering. What if we see each other again. Will we talk over our cup of coffees? Should we say hi to each other? How will I greet him? Everything is a mystery.

But I do. I want him, with me, over a cup of coffee, or a plate of pasta. I want to talk to him. To ask him how he’s been. If he is happy. If he is okay. I will ask him how his day was. How her daughter is going. I will ask him what he has eaten on his lunch. I will ask him everything. And then, I realised, who am I to ask those questions? When he has a wife whom he can talk every day, every night for all of his life.

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