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Hello everyone! B here!

It took me several number of free blogs before I decided to claim my own domain, with yearly payment for domain name and hosting that landed to Zephyriousity. For a person like me, branding is hard because I get these all new ideas every now and then. But when I bought zephyriousity.com, I knew deep inside that this is it.

Zephyriousity came from my pseudo name – Zephyr and how my brain is with regards to everything – curiosity.


The Curious Mind of Zephyr

My real name is Bernadette, and you can refer to me as “B”. Zephyr is my favorite name and which I often use because of its uniqueness. It came from Greek Mythology which I came across while reading a novel when I was in high school. Zephyr means west wind or soft breeze of wind, also the Greek God of the West Wind when personified.

As I grew up, my everyday companion at home are my books. Yes, I am a huge bibliophile. I could finish a book in a jiffy, with comprehension of course depending on how good it is or on how it caught my curiosity. I love romance, crime and young adult books. Reading books lead me to writing.

When I learned how to create my own words that turned into sentences, into paragraphs, into essay, I just knew that writing is my escape. I write to drenched my unsaid feelings. I write to share. I write to contribute.

So when my travelling soul escaped from me alongside with my quite good photography skills, I decided to create my own travel and adventure photo blog – Zephyriousity.

Who I Really Am?

There are two sides of me that some people could never understand, and sometimes, even I couldn’t get a hold of.

  • I love the mountains. I love the view from the top. I love mountain climbing BUT i couldn’t keep up anymore. I don’t like being that tired after climbing any mountain.
  • I love having people around me. I love hanging out with people. I could really be that very outgoing and extrovert kind of person BUT I also love the feeling of doing thing solo and being introvert. I guess that’s made me an ambivert?
  • I am really a loud person. I could talk a lot BUT a part of me can really be quiet without a reason. I tend to shut people down because sometime, my other self doesn’t want to speak.
  • I love travelling and going to new places, seeking adventures BUT I also love to stay at my room with my Toothless while reading a book.
  • I don’t really give a f*ck on how people think about me BUT my friends’ words are important and can really be hurtful.

What to expect on Zephyriousity

Have I mentioned that I love writing? Oh yes I did. I really do, but sometimes my work/s is really demanding when it comes with time. So I post few for weeks and months.

Zephyriousity is a photo blog that intends to share my own adventure and experiences while I am out there, conquering the world. It will give you some insights about foods and culture. Also, there would be a time that I would post about nonsense shit. Who cares? It is my blog and I will write whichever my heart desires, right?


It is my pleasure to meet you. Thank you for letting me introduce a little piece of me. If you wanna know more, send me a direct message at zephyriousity@gmail.com



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