Introducing: Mobile Travel Apps from RISE Conference 2017

RISE conference 2017

Last July, I went to Hong Kong to attend RISE Conference 2017, and as well as to claim my Trip to HK prize from our company.

RISE 2017 Attendee

RISE conference happens annually in Hong Kong to promote start up businesses. There are different attendees from around the globe, Asian Countries or not. The best part of the conference is when you get to meet new people, not just to discuss their businesses but also to mingle and share their experience.

RISE conference attendees 2017
RISE Conference attendees went to the final pub crawl


As a so-called travel blogger, I used this opportunity to talk to some people. Hear their stories. Listen to their dreams. And admire their success.

I’ve met lots of inspiring people and talked to them on how their mobile application works and how it could help the users. I’m a bit shy at first before I got comfortable with talking with strangers. Until I realised that we were exchanging details, stories and photo samples. What a great experience!

Below are some of the mobile travel apps and the people behind them that I have met at RISE.

KOH Life

koh life owners

koh life business card
This is a web-based travel application that can help you to book you flight in Thailand. Let them help you to “Plan your journey through South East Asia with over 1,000 routes of transportation.” today.
Website: https://www.kohlife.com/



OysterX travel app
This is the gamification of travel tracker. When I went to their booth, my first question was: “What does you apps do?” and they told me that OysterX is a travel tracking apps which lets the user save their location and photo at the same time. Second question was “Why OysterX?”, and they answered: “OysterX name was inspired by William Shakespeare “Why, then the world’s mine oyster”, Oyster means the great world, and X stand for explore, so OysterX means explore the world!”
Website: https://www.oysterx.bar/



wandersnap mobile travel apps owners

wandersnap mobile travel apps
Wandersnap is a photography / travel application that lets users to choose to becoming a traveller or a snapper in Asia. Find out more about them and on how you will benefit from their app.
Website: https://wandersnap.co/


travechat owners

travechat mobile travel apps
Based in Malaysia, TraveChat will help you to talk or chat with the locals in the cities that you will be travelling. Download their apps available in Google Playstore now.
Website: https://www.travechat.com/


Well, I told them I’ll write about them on my blog. So here they are. Try to use their service, surely you will not regret it. 🙂

Also, special mention to the Journey Insider – Cess!


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13 thoughts on “Introducing: Mobile Travel Apps from RISE Conference 2017

  1. These apps sound amazing! And it’s cool you got to meet the creators and learn more about the story behind them

  2. Whenever I see a traveler who has no one in their photos but constantly has their photo taken, I always make a joke that they must’ve hired a photographer to follow them around. Wandersnap is essentially that, and it’s definitely a smart idea.

  3. What great travel apps coming out of RISE. Some of these look really awesome and i would use them a lot. Thanks for the tips!

  4. These look like really interesting apps! I always struggle with phone space and having to prioritize which apps I want ?

  5. nice post! i’ve never been to an event like this but it’s great to know how the life of travel has inspired startups as well 🙂

  6. These apps look so cool.. will surely download and check them out..thanks for sharing all this lovely information

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