Photo Diary: Paradizoo at Mendez Cavite

photo diary paradizoo day tour

If you are looking for a different place to visit in Cavite, Paradizoo should definitely be in your list.

Explore the beauty of Paradizoo which is located at Mendez, Cavite.

What to expect?

Green, green, green landscape:

paradizoo view farm

paradizoo cavite view

Paradizoo Animal Farm

 paradizoo farm mendez cavite paradizoo team building area

Hungry? No worries, because this place got a cafe where you can eat.. and buy souvenirs!

paradizoo cafe

It has a pet cemetery. One of the best place to bury your lovely pets, although I am quite not sure on how these animals get here.

 perpetual park pet cemetery paradizoo

pet cemetery paradizoo

There is a Butterfly sanctuary where you can stay and play with them. I’ve heard that butterflies lay on people with no sweat or doesn’t smell like sweat. 🙂

butterflies paradizoo

butterfly farm paradizoo

paradizoo butterfly farm

Flower Garden. You can find different kinds of flowers at Paradizoo. All are alive and beautiful.

flower garden paradizoo

beautiful animal flower paradizoo farm plants paradizoo

flora paradizoo flower paradizoo

flowers paradizoo orange flower paradizoo

And of course, the farm animals. I’m quite disappointed as these animals doesn’t look so healthy.

farm animal paradizoo

 pig paradizoo farm sheep paradizoo farm horse paradizoo farm cow paradizoo farm camel paradizoo  animal farm pigs paradizoo

I brought my travel buddy with me. Everyone, meet Duturtle!

duturtle paradizoo bee farm

And of course, Zephyr’s solo portrait at Paradizoo!

zephyriousity goes to paradizoo

zephyr at paradizoo zephyriousity at paradizoo

And before everything else, my side trip at Charito by Bag of Beans! Their foods never gets old!

Charito by Bag of Beans

Charito by Bag of Beans pancake & mango shake

bag of beans menu   Charito by Bag of Beans Pancake

Zephyriousity at Charito by Bag of Beans

That’s all for this post. If you like to know how to get here, visit Paradizoo Day Tour at Mendez Cavite.


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11 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Paradizoo at Mendez Cavite

  1. I totally had to look up where Cavite even was, haha, oops! It looks beautiful there, but it does make me sad about the animals. 🙁

  2. Your photographs are amazing. The greenery is so alive. Paradizoo at Cavite looks definitely inviting!

  3. Your photos are so beautiful and vibrant! The flowers and butterfly’s look amazing. It looks like you had a great time there.

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