Approved Japan Tourist Visa with PSA Late Registration Issue

Approved Japan Tourist Visa Sample

One of the most important requirements in applying a Japanese Tourist Visa is your birth certificate from PSA. This should be no older than one year upon being released.

Without completely checking my requirements, since I haven’t any issue with my birth certificate before, I didn’t notice that mine was marked with Late Registration on it.

My first schedule was December 19, 2019, but the agency asked me to get a new schedule and provide additional requirements prior to issue i am having.

Sample of Birth Certificate from PSA with Late Registration

Since my birth certificate needed supplemental documents such as baptismal certificate and elementary or high school records (Form137), I rescheduled for December 27, 2019 to submit all the requirements. (Note: i used AND, because both baptismal certificate and Form137 is required). With a little time provided, given that the school was on Christmas holiday, I wasn’t able to get any of copy of my school records. Even my diploma and TOR.

I was on the verge of giving up and thought that maybe, Japan wasn’t for me.

But, I got my Japanese Visa! How? Despite of lacking the additional documents, I decided to provide an explanation letter to the embassy, explaining why my documents are incomplete. The agency told me that I could try adding an explanation letter for worst case scenario.

I tried my luck and here is the exact copy of the explanation letter I sent to the Embassy of Japan:

December 27, 2019
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Dear Sir / Madam,

It has come to my attention that my NSO Birth Certification was on late registration, and providing additional supporting documents such as Baptismal Certificate and Form 137 is required. 

However, upon checking my personal files, Form 137 is no longer on my possession as I have this provided on my college application. I have this requested to my school but the school officials are currently on vacation, and the soonest they could provide me with the copy is by the second week of January, which I think would be a last minute for my Visa Application. 

Attached herewith is the copy of my Baptismal certificate along with all of the Visa requirements for my application. I have also attached a photocopy of my UMID and Voters IDs as a reference to the date of my birth that you might find useful as you judge the value of my application.

Hoping for your kind consideration and understanding regarding this matter. 

Sincerely yours,

Tourist Visa Applicant

January 2, 2020, our Visa Application has been lodged in the Japan Embassy.

January 3, 2020, our Agency advised us that our Passports are ready – without telling us whether we got approved or not.

January 4, 2020, we got our passport – with an approved Japanese Visa stamp!

An honest letter explaining your current situation to the Embassy is helpful. Avoid over explaining, just tell them why you can’t provide the requirements. And if there are additional identification IDs that you can give, don’t hesitate to share them as well. If you got denied, you can always apply until you get approved.

Japan Stamp on Philippine Passport

Though we are not allowed to travel to Japan due to this Coronavirus pandemic, being knowledgeable with the requirements needed for Japan Tourist Visa is advisable. Because one day, we will be able to visit the land of the rising sun again.


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7 thoughts on “Approved Japan Tourist Visa with PSA Late Registration Issue

    1. Hi! other documents can be highschool diploma, letter of explanation why you don’t have the baptismal certificate, College TOR

  1. Is there a need to get a new copy of Baptismal certificate or okay to handover the Baptismal Certificate way back when I was initially baptised?

    1. Hi! It is better to get a new copy of Baptismal certificate and submit it to the embassy. In this way, you can still have your original copy when you were initially baptised.

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