Masbate Tourist Spots & Attractions: Day 1

Masbate Day 1 Tour

Let me give you a quick background of how I got to the best tourist spots and attractions in Masbate.

Few days before my flight going to Masbate, I searched for places to visit. Listed some of the best tourist attractions from the province I gathered online.

Then I landed to a blog post telling about a ranch-like experience in a place called Sese Brahmans. Without having a second thought, I contacted the place and told them about my visit.

I sent a message to their Facebook Page – Sese Brahmans, without knowing that I was talking to Judge Sese’s daughter whose really kind. She then pointed me to talk to Sir Leo. And the rest is a history.

Sir Leo, together with a friend named OR helped me to get through with my itenirary decisions for the first day of my visit to Masbate. At my arrival, they welcomed me at the Moises R. Espinosa Airport with much cowboy pride and accommodating smiles. Sir Leo was with Bilog, as OR was dead tired the night before my arrival.

They handed me a cowboy hat, toured me in the city before we went to our destinations for the day. The car was playing country songs that made the mood for a ranch life more realistic. And I love country songs, which made me more relaxed while having conversation with them.

I’ve met new people even on the first day, there’s Sir Leo, Sir OR, Bilog and Vanessa. We went to places that made me feel at home even when i’m miles away from home.

1st day Masbate tourist spots to visit:

Masbate Tourist Spots and Attractions

  • Fazenda de Esperanza – also known as the Farm of Hope, is a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addicts.
  • Sese Brahman’s Ranch – owned by Judge Sese is a place to let you experience a rancher life for a day.
  • Palani Beach – One of the best beaches in Masbate that comes with a beautiful sunset like no other.
  • Ham’s Cup Cafe – situated at the city, a coffee shop where friends and family meet for a talk and coffee.


9:30 – Arrival, Moises R. Espinosa Airport
10:00 – Quick City Tour
11:45 – Fazenda de Esperanza
12:30 – Sese Brahman’s
15:00 – Palani Beach
19:00 – Ham’s Cup Cafe
20:00 – Hotel (Balay Valencia)

These are most likely the time of our arrival to each places. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure because I’ve been spending so much fun at that very day. If you want to try this at Masbate, you should contact them.

Expenses on Day 1?

  • P1,000.00 for Ranch Tour with food and roundtrip ride
  • P750 for Hotel room with Wifi (air-conditioned room with own CR)
  • P200 for night food

Total: P1950.00

Not bad right?


Additional Note:
As I’ve mentioned before, this is my first solo trip via plane and I was so proud of myself that I made the trip alone. It was hard as I really have trust issues with people I just met. But with these Masbateรฑos, all my worries have gone. So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight or catch the bus ride now!

See more of the day 1’s photo on my next Masbate travel posts!


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14 thoughts on “Masbate Tourist Spots & Attractions: Day 1

  1. an informative blog post which gave me an idea as to what I can possibly do in Masbate.

  2. I have not heard of this place before but I’m very intrigued and will daintily look into visiting soon. Thanks for inspiring.

  3. Very neat! I’m sure this was an amazing experience, and thank you for showing yet another place I need to visit.

  4. Wow looks like there is so much to do. How much are the prices in USD? I really need to go to the Philippines soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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