Photo Diary: Makiling Botanic Gardens at Los Baños Laguna

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Being close to Manila, the province of Laguna is 2 hours away to explore. It offers a lot of beautiful places to visit such as chasing waterfalls, mountains, hot-spring resorts, churches, authentic foods and adventurous nature-trips.

First Stop is the Famous Makiling Botanic Gardens or MBG, located at the Forestry of UPLB.




What’s inside the forest?




These looks creepy right? Especially when it rains. Not for the faint of heart. But these places inside Makiling Botanic Gardens are peaceful.

If you’re thinking about being lost here, think again! 🙂 Because, it has a lot of SIGNS:

mount-makiling-sign birds-of-mount-makiling mount-makiling-ecotrail molawin-river-sign makiling-botanic-gardens-where-to diterocarp-arberetum

One of the best parts of MBG to explore is… the Molawin Creek!

makiling botanic gardens-creek molawin creekcreek at makiling botanical gardens creek in makiling botanic gardens

And, of course, the hidden gems at Makiling Botanic Gardens:

snails makiling-botanic-gardens-flowerleaves mushroom   leaves-at-mbg flower-in-mkg blossoms ants

Truly, being a solo traveler is fun BUT it’s kinda hard. Getting all the best selfies and solo pics all by yourself:

zephyriousity-at-molawin-river zephyriousity-goes-to-makiling-botanic-gardens zephyriousity-at-makiling-botanic-gardens

Visit Makiling Botanic Gardens now, and see for yourself. It has a pure beauty to offer! Below us the best time of the day to visit:


Want to know how to get here? Read more at Solo Travel to Laguna: Makiling Botanic Gardens


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