Paradizoo Day Tour at Mendez Cavite

Paradizoo Cavite

My Paradizoo day tour is just another unplanned solo trip. I was looking for farms or zoo near Manila, and my searches brought me here.

Paradizoo is located at Mendez, Cavite. It is a 2 hour drive away from the city of Manila.

How did I get there?

  • From Ayala, you can ride a bus going to Tagaytay for P100.00
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at Mendez, from there, ride a Tricycle going to Paradizoo for P12.00

How to get home?

  • Me and my friend decided to eat at Charito, so from Paradizoo to Mendez, ride a tricycle for P12.00
  • If you are ready to go, ride a bus going to Magallanes for P100.00

It was supposed to be a solo trip, but I knew a friend living in Mendez so I decided to ask her to join me on this trip.

There is an entrance to Paradizoo, a ticket will cost you P200.00, but since I used online ticket, I only paid P180.00

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What to expect:

  • There are only farm animals at Paradizoo.
  • There are different kinds of flowers to identified, BUT not for picking.
  • You can spend time with the butterflies – they have Butterfly Farm.
  • There is a Bee Farm where you can learn about bees.
  • There are vegetables planted.
  • You can ride a horse!
  • There is a cafe inside where you can eat.
  • There is a souvenir shop.
  • You can feed the animals.
  • You can do team building inside the park.



Though the place is beautiful, our Paradizoo day tour caused us minor disappointments.

  • Guides/Staff working there are not quite attentive.
  • The animals doesn’t look healthy to us, specially the pigs.
  • They can do lot of things to make the Farm even better.

To see more of the images for this trip, please visit: Photo Diary: Paradizoo at Mendez Cavite.

You can also go to other attractions and restaurants at Tagaytay. For this trip, we decided to visit Charito by Bag of Beans.


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