Makati Staycation: 2 Nights at Gramercy Residences

makati staycation 2 nights gramercy residences

For some of us who can’t afford the luxury of owning a condo unit and want to try how it feels to live on one, staycation is the answer.

To be honest, I ain’t no fan of staycation, but I had to try it once and for all. Looking at all the possible places to stay, I decided to give it a try at Gramercy Residences in Makati City via AirBnB.

Cheers to that!

staycation in makati pack

Looking at the AirBnB post, the amenities are quite catchy with pool and gym that you can use, fully air-conditioned unit with a beautiful view of the skyscrapers, near to restaurants and bar at the heart of red district Makati (if you know what i mean), and safety.

I booked on the 47th floor thinking that i would love the view as i wake up and sleep. And I wasn’t wrong. It was indeed a very nice view.

trevor at gramercy residences

However, as we all know, last April 22, 2017, a magnitude of 6.1 earthquake hit the area of Luzon that was also experienced in the Metro with magnitude of 5.7. One of the strongest earthquakes that the Country has ever experienced through the years.

This is my first time on trying staycation, first time to stay in a higher ground alone with an earthquake. Imagine my worry when i felt the bed moving while i was on  the 47th floor. I was very thankful that though it was a strong one, the Gramercy Residences is also strong enough to handle something like this.

So, back with my staycation experience, let me show you what it looks like living on a condo unit for a couple of days all by yourself. 


The Room.

The room is pretty small, good for at least four person. To be honest, this is the seize of the room that I could see myself living independently. With bathroom, dining, kitchen and bed at the same time. It comes with a television with cable and fast wi-fi connectivity.

the room unit gramercy residences

one unit room gramercy residences

unit gramercy residences

The Pool.

The pool is located on the 36th floor. It has 3 pools – main pool with at least 5 feet deep, an olympic-like pool and a pool for kids. Though it is on a higher ground, swimming on this place is place as there are clear plastic barriers from the pool to the city’s view.

gramercy residences pool

overlooking pool at gramercy residences

the view gramercy residences pool

zephyriousity kids pool gramercy residences


The View.

I decided to grab this opportunity, to try staycation for the first time, because of the view. I love being on a higher place and this room suits me. I can see the mountains from afar, the tallest buildings, the river, the people as small as the ants (poor eyesight).

gramercy residences the morning view skycrapers

gramercy residences night view skycrapers with booze

gramercy residences night view skycrapers


The Environment.

Well, I am working along Makati area, so i know what to expect. There are bars, restaurants, coffee houses and malls within the vicinity – which i truly found perfect for a staycation. As soon as you go out of the Gramercy Residences, there is a 7/11 convenience store across the street, small walk towards the Century Mall, etc.

what to eat makati

milk tea house makati


If you want to experience a night or two in this room, feel free to book here: https://abnb.me/Gt0vdtIJZW

Luca, the owner will contact you once the booking is confirmed. He will then direct you to his associate – Mr. Hernandez. This man is very accommodating and nice, so please, be nice with the room as well.

If I decided to take a break from my home again, I would gladly pick this place again.

gramercy residences room


Til’ my next adventure!


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