Photo Diary: Liwliwa Zambales Weekend Trip

photo diary liwliwa weekend trip

Want some place to do your weekend trip near Manila? I suggest you take a quick glance at Liwliwa, Zambales for consideration.

zambales beach waves

Located at San Felipe, Zambales, LiwLiwa is one of the most talked about beaches for surfing and spending a weekend off. This is a less than 3-hour drive away from the city.

liwliwa zambales beach philippines

Me and my office friends decided to rent a van, road tripped to Zambales and voila! Spent a night at The Circle Hostel with bunch of people we don’t know.

the circle hostel zambales liwliwa

The Circle Hostel

One of the few choices we considered to stay. This place offers serendipity, commitment and interaction. There are hammocks to sleep the night with or rent a bunk bed in a shared co-ed room for every visitors. Outside the sleeping counters, you can find the common area where the visitors can spend their afternoon interacting with each others. There are colorful bean bags, music instruments, books, a place for vandalism and a night with bonfire under the starry sky.


Bunk Beds

co-ed bunk beds the circle hostel zambales

Common Area

hammock the circle hostel

musical instruments the circle hostel

black cat at the beach

bean bags circle hostel zambales

Legal Place for Vandalism

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“Be ready on every goodbye in an adventure specially with a stranger”


lost in translation quote
                                                    “Lost in Translation”


liwliwa zambales foodtrip

The Beach

beach waves shadow zephyriousity

duturtle liwliwa zambales

sunset by the beach liwliwa zambales

sunset liwliwa zambales


Visiting the beaches of Liwliwa can be therapeutic. You can just sit by the shore and watch the people catching the waves, swimming and socializing. This is one of the places that #btravels will surely visit again. Until next time!

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zephyriousity at liwliwa zambales
Liwliwa, Zambales


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