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Sometimes, when we couldn’t say what’s on our mind, we look for quotes, poems, or anything that we can relate to. I always do that. And somehow, I can find myself drifting on words from my fictional character or from my favorite writer of the month. Its funny how can they easily formulate sayings that one of us really feels.

Quotes about how you (might) feel:

Looking back in my life, I always have certain decisions that either broke me or fixed me. And everytime I look back, this is what I always think:

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“In the end, we only regret the chance we didn’t do.”  It is true. Sometimes in life, we just have to jump. When God gives us something to doubt for, that’s exactly the right time for us to trust Him. And you will realise that at some point you have nothing to regret from taking that chance. Whether it is a chance to love, a chance to change or a chance to go back.

There are several times that I questioned my fate when it comes to love. Because seriously, in 26 years of my life, I always ended up on something immoral, forbidden or something that I couldn’t have.

Forbidden Love Quotes - Forbidden Feelings Quotes

“Fate was so cruel to seat her at the table and allow her to pick up a spoon and taste what she could never have.” Always. As in always. I asked myself, why? Why him? And I couldn’t find the answer. All I know is that, I like him – for now. He can make me smile – for now. He can make my heart sing – for now. And after that, I fall into the darkness of reality, that even for now, or later in life, he will never be mine. But I learned. I learned to love without conditions, selflessly, all out, without asking for something in return. I’ve learned about how easy it is to give love, and when the right time comes, I will be able to taste something that will last forever.

I love meeting new people. I may be timid and shy at first, but when they get to know me, everything they know about me will change.

Quotes about meeting new people

“The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.” Recently, I got a new job. A new office. A new location. A new set of office mates to work with. At first, I am quiet. Of course, I am new, so I have to be quiet. I have to learn how they behave, how they think and how they react. I know I am a different person when my true color showed up. After a few weeks, i showed them the real me – funny, easy to talk to, joker and shy. I knew them in a short period of time. They brought me a new energy, a new reason to continue what I have started. With these new people, or friends (I may say) in my life, I’ve got a new set of inspirations to my daily life.

It was is 2014 when I started my real travelling life. At first, it was all road trip, then beach hopping, to chasing waterfalls, until I found the mountains.

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“No, I don’t wanna ‘chill’ I wanna go to the Zoo, or on a hike. I wanna try something I’ve never done, go somewhere I’ve never been. I wanna take a long drive and see where we end up. I want something new.” This quotes says exactly how I feel. I can easily get bored. I can easily say “I’m done” with this thing and go back after a while. I have a very complex mind. But, I’ve always wanted to try something new. I want to climb a new mountain. I want to swim on a new beach. I want to eat on a new restaurant. I want to try this new drink. I want new adventures. But I never wanted to leave the old ones. Because that’t where it all started. That’s where all that cravings have started.

And, WHY DO WE FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PEOPLE WE CAN’T HAVE? To learn. To feel. To make mistake. To love.

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