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Yo! Panda, located at 4th Floor, Building A, SM Megamall had its soft-opening yesterday, August 26, 2016. We’ve never heard of this restaurant until SUD, a local Indie band from the Philippines posted on Facebook about their appearance on the 2nd day of the opening promotions.

SUD with Yo Panda Owners

Being a fan of SUD, I decided to visit the restaurant and watch the band perform live. I asked my friends to come with me hoping that they would love this new restaurant as we love trying out new foods.

We came at Yo! Panda at around 4:30PM. We have given seats and then the waiters took our orders. Being excited for the food and for the band, we haven’t noticed that the food that we’ve ordered has not been served. Apparently, one of my friends observed the arrival of the foods for the new customers. We called one of the waiters to follow up our orders.

The waiter came to us and asked us to repeat our order. We were frustrated as it has been 45 minutes since they took our orders. Calmly, we repeat our orders and we decided to switch tables. After another 15 minutes, the waiter asked us again what our orders were. Hungry, frustrated and annoyed, my friend repeat again our orders.


Yo Panda Customer Reviews
This was the tissue that accidentally given to us. This was from another customer.

The waiters and the manager said they were sorry about the inconvenience. They seemed busy about the upcoming of the band. On the other table, the customers also waited couple of minutes before their orders arrived. I even heard them wanting to cancel their orders. The restaurant gave them complimentary foods, or so I assumed.

Soon before 6:00pm, our foods finally arrived! But, they were incomplete. My order wasn’t served. Free milk tea was needed to be followed up. And what really caught up our attention was the used tissue that they gave us upon serving us the bubble waffles. It was really the buzzer-beater of our Yo! Panda experience.



You may ask, why we didn’t cancel our order even when the service didn’t quite turn out well. It’s all because of SUD. I really wanted to hear them sing live. Honestly, I was ashamed of putting my friends into this situation. If only Yo Panda’s service was great, they shouldn’t have been that disappointed.

SUD Singing at Yo Panda SM Megamall

This was our experience at Yo! Panda (Megamall Branch). If you have experienced the same, please feel free to express what you think.


  • Chicken Bowl – Me and one of my friends ordered this. 3/5 for the taste. We suggest to ask for mayonnaise.
  • Crispy Pork Cheese Noodles – This looks like a Lucky Me noodles served without the soup. 2/5 for overall taste, including the pork chop.

Chicken Bowl at Yo Panda


  • Matcha Green Tea Bubble Waffle – 5/5 for the taste. It is really good to be paired up with vanilla gelato.
  • Peanut Butter Bubble Waffle – 4/5 for the taste. If i’m not mistaken, they used Hany for the toppings. Though the gelato was great.
  • Chocolate Bubble Waffle – 5/5 for the taste. Who wouldn’t love Stick-O on your dessert?

Matcha Green Tea Bubble Waffles Peanut Butter Bubble Waffle at Yo Panda Chocolate Bubble Waffle at Yo Panda

Free Drink:

  • HK Milk Tea – 5/5!!! For milk tea lovers, this will provide justice for everything that went wrong.

Free Premium HK Milk Tea at Yo Panda

2/5. Seriously, everything was stated above.

Yo Panda Crew at SM Megamall


3/5. It’s a bit pricey to us. Seriously.

Yo Panda Sm Megamall

Again, this was our experience. It didn’t turn out well. And we are hoping that their future customers won’t experience this. Thank goodness for SUD, as soon as they sang, they brought back the good vibes. 😉


Hope this helps,
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