Blake’s Library: Online One Stop Bookstore

Books are very important to most of us. It’s like an addiction, to smell a page in a new book,to finish a story in a single sitting. Because of this, I am proud to tell everybody that a friend of mine has achieved her dream. To create an online bookstore for all of us.

Blake’s Library is soon to be open to public. Planning was really hard. She had doubts whether or no to start the business. But having been in love with books since she was a little girl, she decided to give it a go.

Blake’s Library which is a Philippine based online bookstore is different from other shops. Instead of selling the most popular books in the world, Blake’s Library will let you experience the books which we don’t usually see on our local bookstore. This seems to be impossible, as most of us wants to be in trend. Wants to read what’s currently on top recommendations. There is definitely nothing wrong with that, but aside from those books, there are pretty beautiful stories that is yet for you to discover.

This page will also provide book reviews. Not too broad but will precisely discuss what the book is about. How this book can inspire you.

Let us all help Blake to achieve her dream. Follow us on Facebook at Blake’s Library PH and on Instagram at blakeslibrary.

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