She got you eyes
Those beautiful eyes
Just like yours,
they are sparkling with life.

She got your lips
Those kissable lips
Just like yours,
they will talk about love.

She got you face
Those beautiful face
Just like yours,
It is a beautiful canvas.

I wish she also got your wit.
Those amazing stories you tell.
That pure heart with kindness.
That attitude that you showed me.

I wish she grow well.
I wish you keep her away,
Away from maddening situations.
Love her, nurture her.
She is yours forever.

Never, ever, let her experience
The life we used to have.
The life we never had.
The broken family we never dreamt.

Because all I ever wanted
Even if it hurts
Is for you to have a family
A loving family
Even if it’s not me…
As your partner. As her mother.

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